Roland Wirths Memorial Award

The Roland Wirths Memorial Award, presented annually since 1980, is given in honor of the former Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram  sportswriter who was a strong supporter of USM athletics. It is given to the deserving student-athlete who best exemplifies the characteristics of Wirths and his writing. The award is selected by the Department of Athletics' coaches and staff.


Roland Wirths Memorial Award Past Winners

1980         Steve DeBree, Soccer and Men’s Basketball
1981         John Jordan, Men’s Basketball
1982         Mike Stockwell, Physician
1983         Joe Doane, Men’s Basketball
1984         Greg Jordan, Statistician
1985         Maureen Burchill, Women’s Basketball
1986         Brad Wise, Soccer and Baseball
1987         Peter Story, Men’s Basketball
1988         Doug Ouellette, Baseball
1989         Jeff Bowers, Men’s Basketball
1990         Pat Moody, Men’s Basketball
1991         Bonny Brown, Field Hockey and Softball
1992         Jim Broughton, Baseball
1993         Richard York, Baseball
1994         Robert LaPrise, Men’s Basketball
1995         Jeff Ireland, Soccer
1996         Jamie Wood, Women’s Basketball
1997         Ken Reed, Baseball
1998         Mandy King, Women's Basketball
1999         Michael Ellerbrook, Men’s Basketball
2000         Penny Osborne, Women's Cross Country
2001         Andy Higgins, Men's Soccer
                Kevin Faria, Men's Track and Field
2002         Niki Dominiczak, Women’s Basketball
2003         Jason Tuck, Men's Cross Country/Track and Field
2004         Greg Dolbec, Men’s Cross Country/Track and Field
2005         Jay Casterella, Men’s Basketball
                Jon Lounsbury, Men’s Ice Hockey
2006         Mike Bunker, Men’s Cross Country/Track and Field
                Donna Cowing, Women’s Basketball
2007         Mark Carragher, Men’s Ice Hockey
2008         Adam Ross, Baseball
2009         Megan Irving, Women's Ice Hockey
2010         Justin Richardson, Men's Cross Country/Track and Field
2011         Jennifer Masessa, Field Hockey
2012         Jeremy Jackson, Men’s Basketball
2013         Mike Poulin, Men’s Basketball
2014         Stephanie Gallagher
                Nate Veilleux, Baseball
2015         Andrew Richards, Baseball
2016         Ryan Browner, Baseball
2017         Dan Del Gallo, Wrestling
2018         Neka Dias, Track & Field/Softball
                 Kyle Heath, Baseball
2019         Britney Evangelista, Women's Ice Hockey
                 C.J. Moody, Men's Track and Field