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Program Overview: The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is comprised of various leaders representing 22 athletic teams. Their goals center on improving the quality of the athletic experience for all participants, enhancing the image of student-athletes to all constituencies, and implementing outreach programs that support and nurture the growth and development for children in the surrounding communities. The committee meets at least twice a month throughout the academic year.

SAAC Mission, Values & Goals

Mission: To provide opportunities for personal and programmatic growth by directly involving student-athletes in the overall organization, administration and the implementation and evaluation of the intercollegiate athletic program. Creating a partnership between student-athletes and the entire athletic staff.

SAAC Strives To: Citizenship, Community, Education and Student-Athlete Wellness.


  • Improve the quality of the athletic experience for all participants
  • Enhance the overall image of student-athletes to all constituents
  • Provide opportunities for student-athletes to participate in the organization, administration, implementation and evaluation of the athletic program
  • Assist in developing and implementing outreach programs
  • Serve as liaisons between the athletic department and all student-athletes

Constitution & Bylaws

Article I. Reporting

The student-Athlete Advisory Committee shall report to the director of athletics or his/her designee.

Article II. Membership/Term of Appointment

  • Current and former enrolled student-athletes are eligible to serve on SAAC.
  • Student-Athletes must be nominated or apply to serve as a member of SAAC.
  • All appointments to the SAAC are for one year. Members may be reappointed for up to five consecutive years of service. Performance and commitment of SAAC members will be evaluated annually by the executive committee and members of the athletic department staff.
  • Each department sponsored intercollegiate athletic program will be represented by an unlimited number of student-athletes. When more than one student represents a team, an effort will be made to have a balance of classes represented. Department sponsored club sports will also be represented on the SAAC.
  • Official appointment of SAAC members will take place at the beginning of the new academic year each September.
  • Absenteeism and failure to commit to the organization ma be cause for suspension from the SAAC for a period up to one year

Article III. Officers/Responsibilities

  • The officers of the SAAC will be known as the executive committee. The executive committee will consist of a chair, vice chair and secretary/treasurer.
  • Members of the executive committee will be selected to serve in their respective positions at the close of each academic year in April or May and will commence their official duties in September of that same calendar year. Executive committee members will be asked to engage in planning and correspondence over the summer months.
  • The Chair will preside over all meetings and work directly with the athletic director or his/her designee. The Chair will be responsible to help develop and distribute meeting agendas and work to maintain appropriate communication within the organization and to other important constituencies. The Chair will meet regularly with the standing committee on special events and programs and will serve the organization as a voting member of the Athletic Advisory Board.
  • The Vice Chair will perform all of the duties of the Chair in his/her absence. The Vice Chair will meet regularly with the standing committee on marketing and promotion and will also serve the organization as a voting member of the Athletic Advisory Board. An attempt will be made to have equal gender representation in the positions of chair and vice chair. The vice chair will also serve on the membership committee.
  • The Secretary/Treasurer will take minutes at all meetings and provide copies to all SAAC members within 10 days of the meeting. He/she will assist the chair in developing the agenda for future meetings and will be responsible to send future meeting agendas to members at least five days prior to the next meeting. The secretary/treasurer will meet regularly with the standing committee on fund raising.

Article IV. Voting Procedures/Quorum

  • In the event of a vote by the membership of the SAAC, each team or organization represented on the SAAC will be allowed one voting delegate.
  • Voting delegates will be selected by the executive committee in consultation with athletic staff members.
  • Twelve voting members will constitute a quorum for purposes of this committee.
  • The USM SAAC by-laws may be amended by two thirds vote of the membership providing a quorum is available.

Article V. Standing Committees/Sub-Committees

  • Sub-committees may be appointed at the discretion of the executive committee.
  • Standing committees will be maintained in the following areas: membership, special events, marketing and promotion, fund raising and community outreach.
  • Each SAAC members must serve on at least one sub-committee or standing committee