Paula D. Hodgdon Leadership Award Winners

Paula D. Hodgdon       The award is given annually to the female student-athlete who exemplifies the qualities of Paula Hodgdon, a former member of the faculty and athletic department staff, who was a pioneer in women's athletics. The recipient must have played at least three years on an intercollegiate athletic team, must have been a valuable member of that team, and is a woman who displays loyalty, dedication and commitment to the team, the sport and USM.  The award is selected by the Athletic Department coaches and staff.


(Former USM administrator and head coach Paula D. Hodgdon (right) along with past players and assistant coach). 



Past Paula D. Hodgdon Leadership Award Winners

1993-94         Melissa Emery, Field Hockey
1994-95         Rhonda Benner, Women’s Track/Cross Country
1995-96         Lori Towle, Women’s Basketball
1996-97         Mandy King, Women’s Basketball
1997-98         Heather Gilmour, Field Hockey
1998-99         Alison Drury, Field Hockey
1999-2000     Michelle Cloutier, Softball
2000-01         Rachel Drury, Soccer
2001-02         Tina West, Women’s Soccer and Softball
2002-03         Jessica Libby, Women's Basketball
2003-04         Deedra Boudreau, Field Hockey and Women’s Lacrosse
                       Meg Cressler, Women’s Basketball
2004-05         Kim Brewer, Women’s Track and Field
2005-06         Katie Frost, Women’s Basketball
                       Stacey LeBlanc, Women's Soccer
2006-07         Lindsey Welch, Women’s Basketball
2007-08         Shannon Kynoch, Women’s Basketball and Women’s Lacrosse
2008-09         Brandi Alton, Field Hockey
2009-10         Mary Vaughan, Women's Ice Hockey and Women's Lacrosse
2010-11         Sarah Deroche, Softball
2011-12         Courtney Cochran, Women’s Basketball
2012-13         Nicole Garland, Women’s Basketball
2013-14         Stefanie Stockwell, Softball, Women’s Soccer and Women’s Track and Field
2014-15         Peyton Dostie, Field Hockey, Women’s Track and Field
2015-16         Demi Ruder, Volleyball
2016-17         Lauren Lessard, Lacrosse & Mary Caron, Softball
2017-18         Tayla Smedberg, Field Hockey
2018-19         Brooke Cross, Softball
                       Kimberly Howrigan, Women's Basketball