David F. Drew III Service Award

The David F. Drew III Service Award

The David F. Drew III Service Award is given annually by the Department of Athletics to someone who distinguishes themselves with volunteer service to the athletic department.


David F. Drew III Award Winners

1995               Harlan Philippi
1996               Remo Riciputi
1997               Greg Jordan
1998               Bob and Coralie Stewart
1999               Noelle Neuwirth
2000               David McHugh
2001               Jason Crowe
2002               Bill Dexter, M.D.
2003               Mike Doucette
2004               Brian Johnson
2005               Victor Neuwirth
2006               Dennis J. Sullivan, M.D.
2007               Richard J. Clarey
2008               Gloria Farmer
2009               Ronald L, Seekins, DDS
2010               Janis Childs, Ph.D., MSN
2011               Jason Johns
2012               Mike Beveridge
2014               Art Kierstead
2017               Roger Plante

Note: Due to a shift in presentation dates, no award was given in 2013.